Have the Correct Combination

June 27, 2009

Caravan stabilisers are not a substitute for gaining good knowledge and experience in how to load a caravan for towing or in the actual towing of it either. But it is not packing or towing the caravan that will be the main cause of caravan instability it will be having the wrong car. Although most cars could pull most caravans it doesn’t me that it is safe to do so. The single most important factor in creating a stable and safe towing outfit is the match up of the caravan with the car. Just because the car CAN pull the caravan doesn’t mean it should, or would be safe to. New caravan owners often buy the caravan that suits there needs then soon realise that their car is just not up to the job. You should make sure before buying any caravan that your present car can tow the caravan safely. Only then should you consider the benifits of a caravan stabiliser.


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