Properly Loaded Caravan

June 25, 2009

One of the ways to ensure safe caravan towing is to have the caravan and car properly packed. A caravan stabiliser is not an answer to bad packing and will not help with pitch or rolling of the caravan behind you. Packing a caravan is all about common sense mixed with a little experience. You should always pack your heavy items low down and secured, never in overhead cupboards or on the table inside. These same heavy items should also be carried on or as near to the axel as possible. Never overload the caravan and ensure the caravan and contents 85% or less than the weight of the towing car. Packing the heaviest items in the car boot is the best way to get this balance.


2 Responses to “Properly Loaded Caravan”

  1. Tommi said

    I have seen one severe snaking situation on the road. It was not far from a terrible accident. The caravan was packed in a wrong way. All the heavy objects were at the back of the caravan giving very little weight on the towball.

  2. Good post! Very true that you mention experience the problem with experience is the fact that generally you have to make a few mistakes to get any. I guess that’s why you took the time to write this post, hopefully it will stop a few people gaining “experience” on the open road if you know what I mean

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