People will buy a caravan stabiliser in order to remove snaking and pitching while towing but if they have the proper rig set up in the first place then a caravan stabiliser will only add a layer of safety and not something that should be relied upon. First time caravan owner often buy the caravan without considering the car that will do the towing but if the caravan dealer was worth his salt he would have checked with you that your car will be able to tow the caravan safely. If you are buying a used caravan then you will need to make your own enquires to ensure the safety of your family while towing. Forums, websites, dealers and of course the caravan manufacturer are all great places to start looking for the best towing rig.


Caravan stabilisers are not a substitute for gaining good knowledge and experience in how to load a caravan for towing or in the actual towing of it either. But it is not packing or towing the caravan that will be the main cause of caravan instability it will be having the wrong car. Although most cars could pull most caravans it doesn’t me that it is safe to do so. The single most important factor in creating a stable and safe towing outfit is the match up of the caravan with the car. Just because the car CAN pull the caravan doesn’t mean it should, or would be safe to. New caravan owners often buy the caravan that suits there needs then soon realise that their car is just not up to the job. You should make sure before buying any caravan that your present car can tow the caravan safely. Only then should you consider the benifits of a caravan stabiliser.

Properly Loaded Caravan

June 25, 2009

One of the ways to ensure safe caravan towing is to have the caravan and car properly packed. A caravan stabiliser is not an answer to bad packing and will not help with pitch or rolling of the caravan behind you. Packing a caravan is all about common sense mixed with a little experience. You should always pack your heavy items low down and secured, never in overhead cupboards or on the table inside. These same heavy items should also be carried on or as near to the axel as possible. Never overload the caravan and ensure the caravan and contents 85% or less than the weight of the towing car. Packing the heaviest items in the car boot is the best way to get this balance.

Caravan stabilisers are not a legal requirement for towing any trailer like unit and yet many people still manage to get from A to B without crashing and don’t use any type of stabiliser on the trailer. The stabiliser however does make towing high sided units a great deal easier and for many new to towing a caravan stabiliser makes for a more comfortable drive. They should not be considered as a replacement for experience of towing and they shouldn’t be used to make packing the caravan something to not think about or to allow you to tow the caravan at high speeds. What a caravan stabiliser does do is add an extra layer of safety to your caravan towing abilities.

A caravan stabiliser will help reduce snaking, rolling and pitching of your caravan but you can help yourself as well with proper caravan maintenance. The most forgotten part of this could well be the simple task of checking the tyre pressures of your caravan are correct. For many this will be an obvious thing but for some checking the tyre pressure on their car is something they leave to the garage. Even if you pick your caravan up from a garage, before any long journey were you will be loading the caravan with your holidays goods make sure the caravan tyre pressures are correct. Also when travelling back home from your holiday just have a quick check before you set off.